About us

About Us

Mpeake Creations offers premium mobile trailer solutions that are designed and customised according to clients’ specifications and needs. In addition to manufacturing industrial equipment, Mpeake Creations creates a variety of trailers, such as mobile kitchens, freezers, bike trailers, salons, and office spaces.

Since its inception in 2012, Mpeake Creations has specialised in creating innovative trailer solutions to make people’s lives and businesses mobile. The company has experienced significant growth, and now reaches clients countrywide, helping individuals and companies across sectors run their day-to-day operations with maximum efficiency.

Mpeake Creations considers the comfort of their clients to be imperative. That is why all Mpeake Creations trailers are designed and manufactured with advanced precision to best cater to clients’ requirements, including designs to improve access and mobility for persons with disabilities, and optimising the use of clean and reusable energy.

Mpeake Creations makes sure to limit their impact on the environment by outfitting trailers with clean energy sources, such as solar powered generators.